"La Cimbali: Technology heart, Human mind" celebrates the extraordinary bond between technological innovation and the people who design and deploy such technology, enriching the history of the brand.





Are you heart or are you mind?
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"...Il 'Cimbalino' is an expression synonymous with quality coffee. It probably came about in the early 1950s, with La Cimbali’s first lever machines, when it appeared on the plexiglass panels of the machines: Con la Cimbali…un Cimbalino."

"...With the Telemetry it will be possible to personalise the machine remotely, while you’re sitting comfortably at your desk..."

"A coffee machine is really alive as an objective: it encompasses heat, electrical pressure, steam. It has a physical presence, it’s a big, heavy objective. It has electricity, it has light, it makes sound..."

"When we taste coffee, we use all the senses. With our sense of sight we evaluate the colour of the crema; With our sense of taste, with gauge the intensity of the bitter and acidic flavours. With our sense of touch, we define its body and astringency. Then we have the whole olfactory sense..."

MUMAC – Gruppo Cimbali
Ingresso Via P. Neruda 2
Binasco (MI)



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